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Monday Marketing Tip_Understand Data V2

We are overrun with data. Website data, advertising data, attribution data, sales data, public relations data, and tons more. This provides business owners with a huge advantage over previous generations, but if that data is not well understood then it is basically useless.

Becoming Data-Driven

Being data-driven means you are making decisions based on measurable goals and tangible analytics. This process involves collecting data from your marketing initiatives, analyzing the results and implications from these insights, and utilizing them to develop new strategies or pivot existing strategies. Today there is so much data at our finger tips and using that data has become essential to running a successful and profitable business.

Follow the Right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Not all data will be absolutely necessary and you don't want to waste precious time and resources diving into irrelevant data, or worse, making decisions for your business based on the wrong data. That is why it's critical to understand what metrics are important to monitor, and make decisions from.

Unfortunately, there is no standardized set of KPIs that will work for everyone, because every organization is unique in some way or another. We highly encourage every business owner to invest in identifying what KPIs are important to them if they haven't already. It will ultimately lead to better decision making and continued growth of the organization. What are the metrics that you can point to today that are "make or break" numbers? Start there when determining your key performance indicators.


If you're feeling overwhelmed with an abundance data and need a place to start, a GrowthPlan from HIVE Digital Strategy can alleviate your stress and help your organization become more data-driven. Our team of experts will digest your current data for you, explain what metrics are the most essential, and make recommendations for sustainable growth tactics that are all backed by data. Click below to learn more.

The GrowthPlan

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