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Monday Marketing Tip_Personalizing your social media

Social media is designed for individuals to connect with one another, which can make it difficult for businesses and brands to find their footing and their place. Maintaining your brand voice and consistency is an important part of building a recognizable business, but when you sound like a business robot 🤖 on social media, your engagement will suffer. 

So how do you maintain your brand and still connect on social platforms, which haven't been designed for business use? Personalize your social media. 

Personalizing your social media doesn't mean your Social Media Manager should start sharing their secrets on your business's Twitter account. It does mean communicating so that social media users see the people behind the brand. Here's how you can pull that off:

  • Keep it casual. 😎 Social media is not the place to pull out your thesaurus. Use a conversational tone, like your brand is talking to a trusted friend.
  • Be genuine. If you read an article you're excited about, channel that excitement when crafting social posts to share it.
  • Respond to engagement. When someone comments on your post or tags you in a picture, respond! Social media offers an unparalleled opportunity to communicate directly with potential customers. Take advantage and respond (while keeping your casual, genuine, personalized brand identity in mind).

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