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Brand assets are any documents or files that are used for marketing purposes. The foundation of any brand asset includes colors, fonts, and logos. These unique brand identifiers are typically kept for reference in a brand style guide.


A brand style guide is essentially a rule book that explains how a brand should be represented when more complex assets are being created by internal or external teams. Content is considered to be a brand asset because it can be used to attract or nurture people who are interested in your organization's products or services, which is why creating valuable content inline with your brand is so important. 


Every brand needs to build assets that help them stand out from the competition. Not only should these assets be unique enough to help differentiate your organization from others, they should also be consistent across all marketing channels in order to make it easier for people to recognize your brand. 


If you are struggling to create assets for your brand, or are finding it difficult to leverage your existing brand assets, click the link to the blog post below. Or you can get in touch with us at and we'll talk you through our recommended next steps depending on where you are in your brand's journey. 

Writing Blogs and the Importance  of Brand Voice and Authenticity

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